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When a girl uses a wet wash cloth to clean the jizz from her vagina then gives the wash cloth to her partner to clean his face.
Greta, having had it with Michael's short cummings, threw Michael her used dirty wash cloth to wipe her pussy juice from his face. Thus Michael now has dirty dishes.
by GB/MB February 04, 2008
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After having a bowel movement, wiping your ass repeatedly until the toilet paper reveals a blood stain as opposed to even a hint of feces.
Michael: "Excuse me Greta, but I have to take a dump."

Greta: "Don't forget Michael, blood before brownies!"
by GB/MB February 03, 2008
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Similar to a skid mark, yet a thicker consistency much like a chocolate cupcake frosting.
Michael: "Greta, is that skid marks in your underpants?"

Greta: "No Michael, I shit my pants, they are MUD MARKS!"
by GB/MB February 04, 2008
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