To wipe the sweat away from ones testicles and then wipe the very same hand across the face of another individual.
I told Jorge if he kept it up he would get a Dirty Chavez, so when he wasn't looking I reached up my shorts and then got him before he left for his new job in Oklahoma City.
by Tommy Owens March 22, 2010
When you place a smudge of poop in the center of your forehead.
Lornas mole looks like a Dirty Chavez.
by shanee365 November 6, 2006
The lesbian version of a Dirty Sanchez - avec Dildo, sans live penis.
After analy pleasuring her partner, Kris had difficulty unstrapping her appendage to complete the act of a Dirty Chavez.
by MissPhelps August 17, 2006
While performing sex in the doggy style position,you cram a finger up her rectum then smear her upper lip with it
by Flipper August 31, 2003
When your Choad (the region between your ass and scrotum) is stinky sweaty, you wipe it with your finger and slide across an unsuspecting person's upper lip.
Dude I totally gave your mom a Dirty Chavez after she passed out!!!
by Rod Mack July 19, 2003
Walk into a business and shit your pants, letting some run down your pant leg to the floor.
The bank hit me with an nsf fee so I left them a dirty chavez.
by Brea Held October 30, 2006