How to call someone stupid without them knowing
You're diputs.
Spell it backwards.
by ttub_diputs February 25, 2016
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Heather Bauer wouldn't think of a make up word at the spurr of the moment so I thought of people who are so stupid they spell it backwards and gave her props for this definition.
Heather Bauer is Diputs
by Matt Lane January 30, 2005
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describes someone who knows one thing but doesn't know something else that is much more obvious; reverse stupid
That girl knows all the state capitals but doesn't know where any of the states are! She's diputs.
by Azarizzle Resendizzle January 20, 2008
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it's stupid n00b, only fuckin' INCOGNITO.
"omg gaiz, sum1 haxd mi, plz reeprt?!?!!!!"

b00n diputs."

wut iz dat cowd u r speeking in?"
by erin d00dz. July 10, 2007
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first lets examine this word before I define it read it backwards now this is in no way a racist term but in turn a phrase that identifies all ignorant , dumb , retarded , people I made this word up as slang to point out said people to those who I have told of this phrase so in turn this phrase originates from the term stupid niggas but my term is not meant to be a racial term but a term that describes all dumbasses of the world
Person 1: john just gave me his car for two days just so he didnt have to take me two work

Person 2: wow what a saggin diputs
by WoundingBlaze87 August 03, 2009
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