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The most beautiful Indian girl on the planet who I love dearly. Although she acts like a ditz, she is supremely intelligent and often the focal point of most social gatherings. Her nerdy group of friends gravitate towards her because of the fascinating dichotomy she exhibits, and her insatiable thirst for popularity neglects a certain diamond in the rough, or two. Like fine wine, aging may perfect any erratic behavior that may incur come close encounters, including excessive laughter, failure to respond to wit, and fascination with rippling muscles.
Observer 1: OMG! Did you see that angel fall from the heavens? She's left nothing but happiness and joy in her wake!

Observer 2: Yeah! I heard she cured Alzheimer's with a butterfly kiss!

Observer 3: Fools! That's no angel, that's Dipti, though she might've been conceived through cloning an angel's DNA!
by Pimp_Suit December 15, 2007
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to stand up to an opponent or enemy by turning the tables on them so strongly that they finally leave you alone for good.
After years of taking Emma's abusive language and insults, Jane finally diptied Emma by insulting her to tears.
by Scribble2 November 15, 2010
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