A truly baffling and retarded rule that essentially means that as long as you're a diplomat you can get away with really anything. A source of irritation for New Yorkers due to UN diplomats incredible inability to park.

Sometimes if a diplomat has been accused of a serious crime such as rape or murder the diplomats country will either waive his immunity or send him home to be tried there. This however doesn't happen nearly as often as it should and many people get away with literally murder.

Diplomatic immunity can only be revoked by the diplomats country or Danny Glover
Diplomatic immunity proves diplomats don't have to live by the law. Look at the Wikipedia page and see how many assholes have gotten away with crimes we'd all be doing life for.
by Jltdkllr October 15, 2011
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A status whereby a deserving person does not get their comeuppence because of an association with a proctecting power.

The protecting power is usually a friend or a relative, however a person or institution with authority can apply, for example an employer or company.
"I wanted to set Ben on fire and stamp out the flames but since he's my brother-in-law I have to bight my tounge and put up with the arrogant, racist cunt"

"I wanted to tell Karen she's being a selfish, spoiled cockteasing bitch, however my girlfriend is Karen's best mate and might not give me head if I insult her friend"

"I really wanted to kick the shit out of Paul but since hes my boss, I guess I'll have to wait until I win the lotto"

Ben, Karen and Paul all have Diplomatic Immunity
by fandango8 January 27, 2010
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The act of forcing a person into vaginal or anal intercourse but by shoving both balls inside the unwilling victim as well as the shaft -the crime receives universal immunity from prosecution. While normally a punishable act, if you get the "triple threat" inside, no legal entity can seek prosecution. This proves that either the victim wanted it and allowed it to happen or the perpetrator was just too damned determined not to get caught.
Mark: "Did Joel force that girl to have sex with him? That is a serious crime."
Scott: "Yeah, but he got the dick AND balls inside so he earned Diplomatic Immunity. There is nothing the law can do to him now."
Mark: "That lucky bastard"

Judge: "You are a sick individual and I sentence you to 25 yea....."
Lawyer: "Your honor, It seems my client also shoved in the balls as well during the act."
Judge: "Diplomatic Immunity?"
Lawyer: "Yes, your honor, it seems that way"
Judge: *pauses* "Well, that is a totally different story then. Case dismissed. And furthermore I sentence the plaintiff to 30 days in jail for wasting the court's time"
by Duckhead_ November 20, 2013
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Magic The Gathering card Game.

Diplomatic Immunity is an Enchant Creature card for 1U that states: Enchanted creature cant be the target of spells or abilities.

Diplomatic Immunity cant be the target of spells or abilities.
Willie casted Diplomatic Immunity on his creature. His opponent could not kill it by targeting the creature or enchantment, so after many turns of being attacked Willies opponent lossed the game.
by The Jeff November 24, 2007
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A clan on the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Xbox Live. A successful yet ignorant group of gamers often known as D.I. for short.
"Hey how long were you playing COD 4 last night?"
"A couple of hours, but i got off when some Diplomatic Immunity members started trash talking me."
by Cod4 fan May 23, 2009
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