1. To put a diaper on a baby.

2. The act of calling someone out as a baby.
Andrew Evard was being such a baby, we told him he was going to be diped if he kept acting immature.
by XX Stone March 14, 2011
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Acronym for "documented instance of public eating." Coined by Hollywood publicist Jeremy Walker. Refers to the tendency of journalists from glossy magazines to report on the eating habits of celebrity women (actresses/models) who in an unusual frequency report their fondness for comfort food often in large quantities. It is not clear if the reported love of food and ravenous appetite is reality or part of a show.
Reporting the DIPE of the starlet makes her seem more down-to-earth and accessible.
by earlysnowdrop February 18, 2011
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When you bite it as in fall/trip
Jack: damn did you see how I tripped?
Chad: ye you diped it
by fartlicker420 December 30, 2021
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First find a diaper filled with shit and piss.

Then tie a very long string to it.

Throw the diaper with the string attached to it on top of a building.

The string should be at about the same level as your face when you’re done.

On the end of that string put a sign that says pull really hard 4 $$$.

When an unfortunate victim pulls the string they will not get any money and instead will get a bunch of piss and shit on their head.
“The Dipe will require a lot of courage to install
by Molly yono September 24, 2021
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adj: originated in st paul, minnesota. short for "diaper," meaning pants-shittingly rad.
1. "dude, i went to see tom petty at the xcel last night. sooo dipe"

2. "i met the dipest chick last night, duder."

3. "mark is pretty rad, i guess, but i wouldn't say dipe."
by stinklines June 9, 2010
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"When I saw the blues light up behind me, I shat my dipes cuz I had a fatty ounce under my seat."
by Dub-H March 15, 2005
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