Slang for money. Most likely, you are only looking this word up because you heard it in the song "Why don't you get a job", by the Offspring.
My friend's got a girlfriend and hates that bitch... But she wants more dinero just to stay at home, well my friend, you gotta say I won't pay, I won't pay, no-no waaay. Na na- why don't you get a job?
by Kamikaze077 November 9, 2009
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Well you see my friends, dinero is Spanish for money, and dinero (money) can be used in a variety of ways, say you need to buy dinner for the bad shawty bae your chillin with tonight, dinero buys dinner, then this baddie takes you home, gives you brain, and after you roll over and pass out, she takes your dinero and leaves and never returns your calls or texts
Guy 1: Ayy G I just hit a lick now I got me some dinero!
Guy 2: ouu nigga that's lit! Let's get the homies off the block and go party our asses off!
Guy 1: hell yea nigga!
by Royyyytravis March 11, 2021
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A guy with a giant dick and give good great sex and has a good look
by Dickboiisdope April 7, 2017
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nde esta mi dinero, ese? - where is my money, nigga?
by cracker March 19, 2004
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money (from the Spanish word for money)
I don't really need extra dinero when I have a life to live. Cash is trash.
by The Return of Light Joker August 6, 2010
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some guy named travis who is really good at editing cap cuts
Guy #1- Yo have you seen the new T Dinero edit?
Guy #2- No, but now I am so excited!
by xc dude November 1, 2023
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The type of person who gets money by any means. Rapper, Capper, Seller, Pussy Trapper. He does it all!
I get my sports picks on the regular from Danny DiNero, cause I'm about my money!
by Danny DiNero September 26, 2019
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