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Dikea (Da,key, ya)-Is an English female name. She will be the most loving , giving person you know. She just might be the glue to her family.Dikea keeps in touch with everyone she knows. All tho she where's her heart on her sleeve and will let a complete stranger stay over so they won't have to sleep on the streets.She loves to know all the info (gossip)about everyone. Dikea finds this amusing. Gossip and other peoples secrets keeps her charged up an she can't wait to tell the next person. Dikea is outgoing ,fun to be around, fun to hang out with, a little crazy. Probably even when to jail for a day in her life time. Unpredictable this one. Everyone needs a Dikea in there Life.
I have a friend name Dikea. She's so silly
by Kimberly 3030 February 02, 2018
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An IKEA for butch lesbians. Full of bean bags, rainbow sheets, air-hockey tables, etc.
Charlie: Hey babe, we're totally in need of some new bean bags for our sports room....
Joan: Yeah......lets go to DIKEA
Charlie: Sick.
by gunitbaby October 10, 2011
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A game played in the Scandinavian furniture store Ikea that involves revealing one's penis in room displays without getting caught.
I didn't know what to do last Saturday and I needed a desk lamp so I decided to play Dikea.
by inberlink July 10, 2014
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