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The act of needing to defecate so bad that fecal matter actually peaks out of the anus much like the pokémon Diglett does when he peaks his head out of a hole. It can be spontaneous as well.

It usually happens at social events or in places where a bathroom is not readily available.

To dugtrio is when the same event occurs but with three turds peaking at once.

It can be extremely painful if constipated, as well as humiliating.

Can cause unwanted stains.
I was at this expensive restaurant the other day with this super gorgeous chick when I felt a wambling in my stomach, followed by a sharp pain in my anus. I got up to go to the restroom and realized I was totally digletting.

Bob was desperately waiting to go to the restroom after eating 5 bowls of chili when he realized that he had just digletted his pants.

So I find myself in a white suit at an exclusive party. Then a gust of freezing air hits me and I lose control of my bowels, which caused me to diglet.
by El Ffawfrans May 06, 2013
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when you are dead under the ground and god gives you a boner popping your dick out of the ground making it digletting then someone walks past with a bone out of the ground and then the girl shoves her vagina in the bone bringing you back to life then jizz all over her face to die again
yo dawg Im digletting on this girl hardddd
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by pokemon boner master May 28, 2019
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