One who derives income remotely and online, rather than from commuting to an office. This enables the digital nomad to not need a permanent home base, and she/he can travel anywhere at any time.

Often find them couchsurfing, living in hostels, with friends, or in third world countries where rent is cheap.
Digital nomads are boss because they are their own boss and can get lost and still be ok.
by Tyler345 April 7, 2015
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1. A trust fund kid who has a job that is not really rooted in reality. They travel and spend beyond their own means for long periods of time. Perpetually pretending to have a perfect social media life and considers themselves intellectually superior to most conventional earners. They almost exclusively use white and or passport privilege to their direct economic advantage whether or not they acknowledge the abuse of said privilege.
2. Most people named Greg.
3. Someone you only swipe right on tinder if you are really poor and are desperate for a meal in a foreign country.
4. One of hundreds of thousands of bloggers who's primary audience is their immediate family members who live vicariously through their travels and likely finance them.

5. Code work for drug smuggler. Like usually they smuggle drugs. Or they could be a camboy/camgirl.
Person 1: "I heard from Greg the other day! He said he was getting Shanghai'd to China to start his life as a Digital Nomad in China!"
Person 2: "Greg?!? That dude can't swim, I bet you $500 he's dead in a month."

Person 1: "I don't think he understands the definition of Shanghai'd i.e. the practice of kidnapping people to serve as sailors by coercive techniques such as trickery, intimidation, or violence."
Person 2: "So he's just spending more of his dad's money isn't he?"
Person 1: "Yeah, unless he's smuggling drugs or being a camboy..."
Person 2: "I'd pay money to see him stick opium in his ass."
Person 1: "I always said he had potential!"
by Ramalakomma March 21, 2019
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A type of lifestyle that is largely well-known nowadays. It is centered around the following tenets that:

1) You do not require or need a permanent home.
2) Everything can be achieved through online means.
3) YOU are the business. Without you, there is no business.
"Dave became a digital nomad and has henceforth been living his best life."

"Successful dropshippers are often digital nomads."
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