Something that only dumb-asses would buy. Anybody with an I.Q. knows that water contains no calories, anyways.
The moron bought a case of diet water becuase it said it contained less calories than regular water. What a dumbass.
by J Malik January 30, 2006
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The only acceptable beverage allowed to be consumed in 2018. Drinking diet water makes you da realest in yo city, hella rich, and gets you all the hoes 100% guaranteed. The phrase came from trash ass soundcloud rapper, Lil AmountOfCash.
Lame ass nigga: "Aye cuz, I just poured a four!"

Me: "Smh, goofy ass nigga, that's why you ain't got no sauce. You need to be pouring up some diet water!"
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ls water with out ice. Only dumb people order this and be serious.
"today i went to burger king and i ordered a diet water!!"
by silly old bean June 26, 2009
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Another word for tomfoolery or fuckery. It refers to a situation or something making no sense; such as, deit water witch makes no sense.
by E-pizzel August 19, 2018
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