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The word dicktician has two meaning for male's and females. Both meanings are about their sex game.

if you calling a man a dicktician it means he has great use of his penis. Meaning awesome control, can last almost as long as he wants, can find and hit all the right spots with his penis, and knows when to stroke you fast or slow.

If you are call a woman a dicktician it means she knows and understands your penis and your body almost as well as you do. She studies where all of your erogenous nerve endings in yout penis are. She learn all you trigger spots are to bring you to orgasmic pleasure. She can take you to the edge of orgasm and stop over and over again with total control. Orally with hands or sexual objects
The guy I slept with is a dicktician he fucked me so good I couldn't stopped cumin

Aww man that girl toyed with my dick like she was ducting a symphony with it. Hab me singing high and low notes at her will
by Barehugs May 10, 2018
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A strategic master of the penis, dicking, dickery, fuckery, and a consummate cocksmith.
I got dicked by a genius dicktician, there was nothing I could do.
I banged her like a dicktician and she couldn't walk straight for a week.
by Bad Luck May 29, 2017
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