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Social network for people rejected by Facebook. Frequent users range from Insomniacs to Pornstars. Originally started by Shaktimaan. Main use is for porn and bitching.
Joe: Fuck Facebook, it's a bunch of useless people competing for popularity under the delusion that by winning they actually will get respect.

Shaktimaan: That's why you should join Dickspace! It's for people that want to talk, jack off, and not sleep at the same time!
by unrealguy2004 August 06, 2009
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Dick space is having plenty of space between your legs for your dick to reset nicely.

See Ball Room.

by Keefer!!! April 25, 2007
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Having enough space between you legs to comfortably house your dick.
FUck!! I have no dick space when I sit bitch!

You Know what sounds Really Good right now?....some DICKSPACE!
by Dr. Kivorkian April 25, 2007
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