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A name given to beings who are not of this world. Usually these beings are saving planets, practicing their flying skills, beating the living shit out of someone who insulted them, dealing with their multiple girlfriends, or spinning around in circles at the speed of light.
"Dude, wasn't the sun about to crash into the Earth two seconds ago?"
"Apparently Shaktimaan saved us again..."
by unrealguy July 17, 2009
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Shaktimaan basically is a Indian version of Superman that can change his entire looks by simply wearing or taking away his glasses.
Unlike Superman, Shaktimaan prefers to fly in a unique way of rotating very fast which seems like a mini-tornado.
He is said to be made by combining the 5 most fundamental elements of earth:
Sky and
This series was so famous in the 90s that "Sorry Shaktimaan" has replaced all other words of apologies in India.
"Shaktimaan bachaao" shouted loudly can be heard by him across the city.
by rollno_404 December 07, 2013
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