The act of clicking a link and being misled to a picture of a penis. After which, the link-giver must advise you that you have been Dickrolled.
Hey Howie!
Click this: <insert link>
(he clicks it)

by n0return October 27, 2009
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When one who feels horny gets rickrolled
Harry opened the link to something that was supposed to be nudes, but instead got redirected to the official Never Gonna Give You Up music video. He couldn't believe he got dickrolled.
by Patche May 22, 2020
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A total idiot acting like a normal person for a brief period of time.
My boss can't to anything correctly on most days, but today he's on a dickroll and really taking care of business.
by BigBossMan99 February 10, 2014
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A variation on the rickroll. Someone posts a bogus link that is purported to be for something interesting, funny, or hot, like lesbians making out. The unsuspecting victim clicks the link, only to see a picture of a penis and/or naked man. Usually the victim is a straight guy, and this of course is not something he wants to see.
Joe was expecting to see some hot lesbian porn, but instead he got dickrolled.
by Puffaluffagus April 20, 2008
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The process by which photographs of the male genitalia are sent to another person, whether solicited or unsolicited.
"In another case of dickrolling, Kera got dickrolled again by someone from a dating website".
by Katglimmer April 14, 2010
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When one is on Chatroulette and is unwillingly exposed to someone's dick. This is a variation of the rickroll, albeit a much more disgusting one.

For one who exposes their dick on Chatroulette, see dickroller
Aw, dude, I was on Chatroulette and I got dickrolled!
by gods-shoes April 10, 2010
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No one really knows what Dickrolling is. Not even the inventor of the term of the chief Dickroller knows what Dickrolling is. A term used to describe something nobody knows anything about!
What are they doing? Probably Dickrolling...
by Jo3 Dirt February 12, 2018
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