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"Hello everyone. Here at Dickerson, we take pride in torturing our students with endless amount for bookwork, homework, classwork, tests, and more work! After you complete a project, you will immediately be given another so that you have no chance to go home and have fun. Our main goal here is to be the number #1 in the state. Luckily, not only destroying our student's lives have helped, but the million dollars all of the parents of the rich kids donate every month! Excuse me, I must yell at a student for having their skirt over an inch above their knee -"

*Innocent Asian girl with glasses walks by carrying textbooks in a skirt that an inch and two centimeters above her knees*


"But... but... *bursts into tears* I'm wearing this outfit because after school I have to go to a funeral. My grandpa died of cancer two days ago...""

"Yeah yeah, I don't care! Go change, b*tch!"

*Little Asian girl runs away with tears streaming down her face*

"As I was saying... Dickerson Middle School is a wonderful school to go to. We deprive you your freedom of speech and to choose where you sit, where your locker is, what your elections are, even where you breathe! Recently we added this new rule: Whether you're in the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade, you must ALL walk in a neat, orderly line! Yes, just like you did in third grade! Now I must go yell at some more children for not turning in their overdue library books. Goodbye!"
Girl 1: "God I hate Dickerson Middle School."

Girl 2: "I know right?! They now even make us walk in lines!"

by Sad student at dickerson January 26, 2012
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The most nazi middle school in Georgia. At DMS, the administrators and teachers will go to any measure to maintain its "#1" status, even if it means destroying the self esteem of its students. The student population consists of rich snobs, asians, goths, and 1 black person.
My time at Dickerson Middle School was the worst 3 years of my life.
by triggertrig May 03, 2005
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Some will say hell, I say worse , the teachers want you to be 100% perfect. The percussion and band director Scott brown is super strict and forces his students to write essays for talking a few times while there is a sub. The dress code is INSANE and the students are stuck up and entitled or a complete outcast.
Ex: we moved to east Cobb so our kid could go to Dickerson Middle School but she refuses to go back to hell and stays awake all night crying
by Kewlcat2017-6th-grder April 02, 2017
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