Past tense of the world renowned verb dickfucking. It's either getting fucked by a dick or fucking a dick. We are also not exactly sure...
George: "Do you want to get dickfucked or do you want to dickfuck?
Henry: "Yes?"
by ReliantRobin March 10, 2021
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A supposed adult man who still gets an allowance from his mom and throws literal hissyfits when he wants to buy something and is told to use his own money. Completely unable to support himself so he leeches off other people in his life. Also, was on top chef and lost because he doesn’t know how to cook a shrimp. And he trespassed to poison a tree on someone else’s property by drilling holes in the trunk and injecting homemade herbicide, all because the tree’s branch was blocking sun to solar panels he wanted on his roof. And he’s going bald and is really self-conscious about it.
“He is suuuuuuch a dickfuck.”
by Justa.littlebitch June 9, 2020
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someone who acts like such an A**hole, they need to be labeled two curse words at the same time
by Brigitte Brock June 19, 2003
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A name for anyone who does something fucking stupid.
*Andy eats Mark's apple pie*
- " Andy you fucking dickfuck piece of shit, you ate my apple pie" says Mark with a tone of aggression.
by pusssy-slayer November 21, 2015
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Billy is being obnoxious; Eddy tells him,"shut up you dickfuck." Eddy uses the word "dickfuck" to insult Billy.
by Bitchlica April 4, 2005
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A fucking idiot who won't shut the fuck up, yet hasn't the slightest clue that they are wrong, because they are so fucking concieted.
Thomas is a dickfuck and someone needs to set the facts straight to shut his fat ass up.
by GeurillaChris December 22, 2005
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No real meaning... just a nasty sounding name to call someone when you're really pissed off at him. A word to be blurted out in anger, just like son of a bitch, cocksucker or asshole.
"Shut the fuck up, dickfucker!"
"That dickfucker needs a good swift boot in the ass!"
by twtbc April 21, 2010
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