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A penis that can blend in its surroundings and adjust its color accordingly. Some consider this an animal and refuse to believe there are people who can camouflage their genital when desired.
It is also believed that foreign intelligence agencies make use of these invisible cocks to spy on people's bedrooms. It is assumed that James Bond used his own special dick-chameleon to shoot photos of secret locations, such as missile silos, terrorists and Womens' pussies...

Sometimes it is used as an assassination tool. Due to its mounting abilities, the average Dick-chameleon can be equipped with laser beams or in some cases (Black cock) a rocket launcher.

The only way to detect this lethal weapon is the spray known as "Dick-Dector".
Terrorist: "Hey man, did you hear something?"
Terrorist 2: "Someone is watching us!"
Terrorist: "Or something... It must be one of those 22 inch DICK-CHAMELEONS!!! God help us!!!"
by Ben May 03, 2005
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