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1. A person that loves to suck big penises with voluptuous lips.
2. A person who is just being a giant tool.
3. A prostitute or a two-bit whore
4. Anyone who loves the cock.
1. Chris is such a dick-leech.
2. Look at that guy with a popped collar. What a dick-leech.
3. Let's go pick us up some dick-leeches.
4. Person #1: I hear she gives really good head. Person #2: That is probably because she is a dick-leech.
by CrippleMaster March 02, 2009
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1. A more juvenile synonym for kissup, suckup, brown-noser, etc.

2. A more juvenile--but less vulgar--synonym for slut, whore, skank, etc.

3. A person who is experienced with giving BJs. Alternatively, a person who has a BJ fetish.
1. Danny is always hanging on Ty like a dickleech. Can't he see that Ty is just using him?

2. Jessica has dated the entire football team; she's such a dickleech.

3. Make sure you call up Corina when you need a BJ. She's a real dickleech, man!
by B. Keene August 11, 2009
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