the art of manipulating ones genitals in the shape of objects and/or creatures for the amusement of others. ( see also monkey tongue, map o' tassie and spanish wristwatch)
Jacobs' dick tricks were a complete hit at his Grandparents anniversary.
by christian the newt April 15, 2003
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When a man masturbates 3 times in one day, similar to a hat trick in hockey or soccer.
Dude I did a dick trick yesterday, and now my penis hurts.
by s.latch August 25, 2008
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When a man masturbates 3 times in one day similiar to the hat trick in hockey and soccer.
Dude I totally got that dick trick in last night. I rock!!
by aeiownu February 9, 2007
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Noun, Verb
When a man uses his imagination or other means to manipulate his penis into doing something that is difficult for it.
"I had to close my eyes and dick trick that she was Ms. Jacobs, just so I could cum last night."

"I was watching this POV yesterday, and it totally dick tricked me into thinking I was fucking the girl."

"I dick tricked myself in class by thinking about my grandpa to get rid of my erection."
by Kilroy/Was/Here September 19, 2007
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When you haven't had sex in a while and you sleep with a guy and think he's really good in bed, but it judt seemed way better than it was cause you were so horny.
I thought Grant was a really good lay, turns out he's meh, at best. I dick tricked myself cause I was too horny.
by MsHahLee November 15, 2021
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dick trick, or more commonly called "dt", is when a guy slyly removes the condom during sex in an attempt to let his little guys run free and ultimately impregnate the girl
"dude I love this chick so much... I think I'm gonna dt her tonight"


"he tried to dick trick me last night"
by WG-Lizzle June 14, 2006
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To confuse, and trick a drunk (or stupid) girl into giving you a blow job. Quite literally "dick tricking".
Guy 1 "Hey, did you go to the movies last night?"
Guy 2 "No, i was too busy dick tricking Karen"
Guy 1 "Nice you sob!
by Ol' Gregg January 4, 2008
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