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When a man has sex with another mans through his penis. Usually one member has a smaller penis and is the giver, where as the reciever has a larger penis to accomadate for the otherwise uncomfortable insertion.
"so dave, our relationship is very strong now and i wanna try something new..."
"No we are not having dick sex Tom"
"I fancy dick sex...get the tape measure John, lets see who's taking one for the team"
by lucusholmus December 01, 2006
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The rubbing of two male sex organs in order to make them ejaculate onto eachother's throbbing, veiny members.
Bryan and Fred engaged in dick sex and a thick spatter of semen quickly ensued.
by omgdan August 12, 2006
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Sex that occurs with a penis. A real penis. When dildos are used, see the definition for fake dicksex.
Oh JP, wanna go play dicksex? Sure Matt!
by definately not Matt March 18, 2007
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