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A dick date, is a date with the soul purpose of getting a good dickin’. Both parties agree to a dick date, knowing they’re both going to have some fun getting down and dirty and do ‘the sex’. A dick date is often started with a brief meeting on mutual ground, such as a pub or a bar before getting down to business, although this is not obligatory.
Him: want to hook up tonight?

Her: sure, shall we grab a drink first?

Him: sounds good to me!
Her: sweet, it’s a dick date!
by Sweetlikechocolate May 05, 2018
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When two guys hang out together in a non-romantic fashion over dinner or a show. Also referred to as a "man date".
I was planning to take my wife out to see the Bostones with dinner beforehand. She bailed at the last minute, so I invited Eric and we went out on a dick date.
by the coMANd'r August 26, 2014
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