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A drinking game requiring two 6-sided dice, a cup, a lot of alcohol and people. The best amount of people is 4-6. More are welcome, but it takes a while for the dice to make it around the circle. There are a lot of rules, so it takes a couple rounds to get used to everything, but once the game starts going, it's very fun. The rules are as follows:
Dice Kings

This game is in an experimental, testing process. All rules are susceptible to changes at any time, so feel free to jot down some suggestions.

Objective & Rules:
„X The object of this game is to be the first team to reach 6 points. If a team gets more than 6 points, then that team goes back down to 4 points and each member of that team must drink.
„X What you need: 2 dice, 1 cup, and some way to ¡§tag¡¨ someone
„X Players are divided into 2 teams and placed in a 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, etc¡K sitting pattern
„X The dice are rolled once, then passed to the left
„X If someone throws up, that team¡¦s points are lost
„X If someone rolls a die off the table, everyone pours a little of their own drink into one cup, and the die loser must drink the new beverage (if both dice fall off of the table, then the roller must do this twice)
* ¡§Never Have I Ever¡¨ house rule: Once one person has 5 fingers down, e
veryone else must drink as many times as they have fingers up.

When one rolls double:
1s. Everyone but the roller drinks
2s. Choose: You ¡§tag¡¨ someone that must drink every time that you drink
(this rule is ignored during Waterfalls). Someone tagged cannot be tagged by another person.
3s. 2 points for the roller¡¦s team
4s. All of the girls drink
5s. Roller must remove one article of clothing/ ¡§Never Have I Ever¡¨ *
6s. All of the guys drink

When one doesn¡¦t get doubles, but rolls a combination equaling:
3. 1 point for the roller¡¦s team
4. The roller chooses who drinks
5. Last to touch his/her own nose drinks
6. Person to the left drinks
7. Heaven (Last to put his/her arms up drinks)
8. Person to the right drinks
9. Roller drinks once
10. Waterfall
11. Roller drinks twice

Eamon, Dawson, Dave and Shane
by Dawson, Eamon, Dave, Shane September 16, 2006
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