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A religion/belief only worshipped by 10% of people in the world's population. It lists simple ideas of peace between people on earth to the idea of being able to walk around without the use of shoes. People who study this religion worship thainte who is seen as a supreme God. The reason this is not a popular religion is because it is not well known. It has only been around for about 15 years. The founders of this religion were in their mid-20's and they were hiking in the mountains. While they were hiking, they met a god. They asked him what his name was and he replied with "thainte." He told them to go and spread the word of diarreaism and as a reward he would grant them peace within their soul and wisdom within their minds.
Sarah: what is your religion?
Alex: My religion is Diarreaism
Sarah:I've never heard of that before!

Alex: yeah it's only worshipped by 10% of the worlds population!
by Happyworldpeace November 09, 2015
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