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She is everything I need. She is beautiful, smart, funny, sexy. She has it all, looks and talent. She makes me think of her through out the day and night. She creeps into my dreams and makes my life worth while. She has entered my life and has told me she will not leave and this I am happy for. She wants me and only me. The feelings she gives me are unexplainable, but that is because they need not explanation, it is because they are meant to be.
Dianelys is my lover!
by Theonewholovesher January 22, 2009
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Dianelys is an amazing person who will never leave your side. She is amazing at sports, beautiful, funny, and has the most amazing hair. Her smile can make anyone fall in love with her. She can have bitchy attitude at times and can be stubborn. She will inspire you like no one ever has. Oh and her hugs and kisses are the most amazing thing on this planet. No matter what you do to her she will always be by your side. Never let her go! I repeat NEVER!
Dianelys is my girl.
by AllIsGone February 24, 2015
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