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He is the most caring, loving, understanding person you’ll ever meet in your life. He’ll love you unconditionally. He will treat you like the Queen you are.

He’s also a very loyal and Good friend. You’ll never find anyone like him.

He’s funny, handsome, sexy & attractive in many ways.

Get yourself a man or a friend like Diandre. You wont regret.
Her: ”uk i’ve been thinking about me and Diandre...”
Her#2: ”girl...why you even thinking It’s DIANDRE. Go get him while you still can girl!”
by Peachmango January 16, 2019
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This person has very stink breath and is considered annoying by many starting With the letters A to Z. Diandre is good looking but very rude and many seem to want to drag him under a bus.

He has a big dick.
Ugh Susan I see Diandre
by Rat face 567 May 13, 2018
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