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Dianca, which is a mix-up between of the two names "Daniel" and "Bianca", which has been combined together to form one word, this word has been formed and dubbed specifically for the purpose of shipping, which is an online form of pairing up fictional characters in a form of love relationship. However, this specific ship is between the two characters listed above, from a fictional, FNaF AU comic known as "Children", which is a comic made by Bonfim_BR which tells all about the Missing Children Incident and other form of lore activities all in one comic, and also gives headcanons to the kids at the same time, mixed together with some headcanons about actual lore events, and shows the entire lore from the MCI kids perspectives. This comic, which is where the ship name has originated from, has been produced by a reddit user named Bonfim_BR, who has slightly hinted at this ship being canon, and is in full support of said ship.
1: Yo, I ship Dianca.
2: Me too, they're so cute.
by dianca shipper 4 February 04, 2017
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