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A sexy and strong girl who is fun and adorable to hang around she is up dead gorgeous with her cute ass glasses.
Dezi is a sexy,adorable, and strong girl
by dezibug66 March 13, 2017
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The kind the best and the girl you want to be your best friend she has you back through think and thin. You want to know a dezi you want to be a dezi. Dezi get an guy to like her and she doesn’t lie she also speaks her mind and if you ever meet someone named dezi you need to be there friend
Dezi is the worlds best friend

Patrick like dezi a lot
by Brianna Lynn C June 01, 2018
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It is usually the nickname of Désiré, Désire, Desiré, Désirée, Desirée, Désiree, Desire, Desiria and really any associated name. Other associated nicknames are ray/rayray/ré you get the point.
He: Hi I'm Dan, pleased to meet you.
She: Hi I'm Désiré but friends call me Dezi
by TheNickster April 30, 2013
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ugly whore who talks shit and blames it on others. she is also addicted to crack. she is cery ugly and only gets guys cause they wont pussy not bc of her.
dezi is so fucking ugly and annoying
by laurnfsh January 04, 2019
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