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Leaving an event or obligation before its scheduled ending time in a brazen manner. Defined due to Dez Bryant walking off the field with 1:21 left in Dallas Cowboys loss to the Green Bay Packers on December 15, 2013.
"I know the movie isn't over, but I'm going to Dez Bryant out of here before Marvin gets shot in the face."

"I have a 3:20 tee time. Do you mind, boss, if I Dez Bryant for the rest of the afternoon?"

"This date is going horrible. I'm going to Dez Bryant and drop you off at home. Later!"

"I feel hungover, so I will show up for a little bit, then Dez Bryant."
by Chemlab_Anetheron December 17, 2013
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The most badass, beautiful, amazing man. He plays amazing football and makes girls swoon on a daily basis. We will have beautiful, football dominating babies. He is mine. Back off. Romo sucks.
by GETHGFYJGYUKMIY November 11, 2013
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