A way to say "they do" when you are of African American descent and referring to a large group of people.
In the movie "We Are Marshall" Nate Ruffin goes to the meeting of the Board.

Nate: "I don't have anything to say...But dey do!" - points to a large group of people outside.
by Xavier Jay October 6, 2009
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What's up, What's going on. How have you been?
What dey do fool, I ain't seen you in a minute?
by Topshatta March 15, 2006
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a question askin hows it goin',wats up,or hows everything
by miss crazy sexy cool August 21, 2003
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(They Do That At) Basically means what the hell was that?
Chris: "You see that dude with the pink plad short on?"

Mark: "Yeah, where dey-do-dat-at?
by M-Eazy September 6, 2008
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Another way for saying "whats up", or "what's happening"
"Brandon gon text me today and say "wat dey do".

Gucci Mane have a new song called "wat dey do!".
by mz.becky...duhh! September 28, 2009
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Magician slang for common folk who wonder how their tricks are performed. Used by magicians Tony Wonder and G.O.B. on the television series Arrested Development.
Tony Wonder: "The 'How dey do dat’s' ate it up."

G.O.B.: " Oh, poor Michael. You do not think like a magician. Such a 'How dey do dat.'"
by xfanatic50 May 4, 2005
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Spectacular from Pretty Ricky's saying. In his grind-off challenge videos, he asks "Wut Dey Do Out Der?"

It means "What's Going On?"
Lil Wayne: Ay Wut Dey Do Out Der?
Birdman: We be grindin hard out here, youngin.
by thecpthree January 24, 2012
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