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verb. A process by which a Man takes his own life by drinking so much Mountain Dew that the liquid fuses with the cerebellum and implodes the brain. It is respected as an honorable death and the sign of manliness in some countries.
"Dude, Diaz's a bitch." "I don't know man he's pretty crazy, I heard he committed Dewicide all over the front of city hall."
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(1)to open a can or bottle of Mountain Dew and only consume a small part of it then forgetting about it for so long that it loses its carbonation thus making it undrinkable and thus causing its untimely demise (2) an unforgivable sin in the eyes of any that adore the nectar of the gods
You forgot to finish your Dew last night, you've committed dewicide! You bastard!
by Schlager Fox February 16, 2008
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