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Devonn' is someone who is kind, generous and misunderstood. He'll always be there for you, his incredibly sensitive so you need to be careful of what you say to him. Devonn' has an amazing sense of humour who looks after his mates. He loves girls, his a ladies man, couldn't be faithful even if his dick was at stake, has one night stands with scrubbers whilst his in a relationship, gets mad for no reason and refuses to date anyone who doesn't suck dick.

Who the fuck would want to such a dick that's been juiced by athiest mingers, lesbians and gutter whores are still after him... You can have him bitches, because this smart cookie got out quick and smart because she refuses to sell her soul to the devil, and that's what he is.... A DEVIL. He tells everyone your secrets and then turns around and plays the victim. His an emotional blackmailer and manipulator.
His a terrible person with an ego as big as his ass. He claims to be athletic, but all he does is smoke weed, play with women's hearts and drinks alcohol. His so full of himself to the point where he'll post definitions of himself stating all the above plus more but then he'll say 'oh, and if you date him he'll look after you', 'always tell him how you feel', 'you must be there when his sad', 'if he has a one night stand, put up with it because that's how he is', 'he'll satisfy your every need'. His a person with histrionic personality disorder who should be institutionalized.
That's all I have to say about Devonn'. I'm happy I saw his true colours and he needs to realize that he can't continue to mess with women's hearts. He likes the younger girls because they're naive , the older mature women are too smart for his liking.
by boobless girl January 19, 2018
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A man who is extremely (lazy) and loves to play video games
Why are you being a Devonn
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by GHOSTWOLFRONIN November 20, 2017
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