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Devonne’s are normally intelligent girls who are shy on the streets but a freak under sheets. She often gives out too many chances (around 23,465 to be exact) and also finds it hard to stay mad. Devonne’s are very kind natured and always put others first but if they feel it’s not appreciated they’ll become selfish or distant. They always have a weird beauty which attract many, but they will never take a compliment if given one. Devonne’s are also known to be talented as well but this is only learnt when they’ve become comfortable around you
That “Devonne” is a nice girl
by An0nym0usAn0nym0u March 31, 2018
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sexy tall black man with dreads and a rock hard body that women want to lick.
alex says: look at that de-vonne over there. he is so scrumptious and i want to lick the crevice between each pac of his six pac
by De-vonne January 02, 2011
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A sweet caring boyfriend who would go out of his way to do anything for you. Normally well dressed. When u get to know them they are bad boys
Now thats a devonne
by kjdjdnemc December 17, 2017
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Devonne is another word for gay. Not a normal gay but very gay. A walking pride flag.
Devonne means gay
by Liya Troy November 02, 2019
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