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Term used for any human being with red hair...
It refers to the belief that gingers have no soul and worship the devil. Also, the fact that they do nothing but cause pain and evil on others.
Johnny: Chris, what are you doing over there?
Chris: Oh nothing just some satanic chants... My deadline is tomorrow; I have to eat the souls of at least 12 people.
Johnny: You fucking devil worshiper!
by koolkat75 November 22, 2012
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Dirty Satanic fuckas.

Phillip:"Look inside my ass,Terrence"
Terrence:"why Phillip?"
Phillip: *farts*
Phillip:"That why Terrence,that's why"
T & P: "ahahahahahaha"
Terrence:"you filthy fucka"
Terrence:"This is for all you devil worshipers" *farts*
T & P:" smell like ASS!"
by T & P November 16, 2005
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