The grassy area between the street and the sidewalk.
This term is unique to the Akron, Ohio area.
The city can plant trees, or come and dig up the devil's strip
without the permission of the resident that pays tax on this land. The "devil" in this case is a vague reference to the Tax collector/government in general.
by Andy Mixon October 31, 2007
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The grassy strip in between the street and the sidewalk. Typically owned by the city, but which the property owner is required to maintain. Common usage in NE Ohio.
Take the trash out and sit it in the devil strip – that way it gets the cans way from the front yard.
by LA. August 27, 2005
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(Noun, Archaic) Most often used by people who ride bikes to describe the part of the road that lies between the streetcar (aka tram, trolley) tracks. Scorchers & Wheelsmen (now: roadie & cyclist) originally rode here as it was the only paved part of the street. Now, because of the risk of crossing the tracks, one is lucky that they did not fall off their bicycle while manoeuvring to ride in this section of the street.
That truck was parked so poorly that I had to pass it in the devil strip.
by Matt Todd January 10, 2013
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