A way of saying you’re going to beat the living shit out of your cock without feeling like your mother is listening on your conversations with your bros.
Klinton I heard you were gonna take the trash out? It doesn’t go out until Thursday night hunny.

Hey bro I’m gonna go take the trash out is that okay? Bro you just did 3 hours ago how much trash do you have?
by Pandaassassin1 May 25, 2021
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It is when two people come back from a bar fairly sauced. The male mandates that the women give him head. In the process of the head-giving, the male vomits on the female but insists that the female continues. Once a nut has been busted in the female's mouth, the male forcibly makes the female leave his residence and yells "Take my trash out."
Suckie Suckie. BARF. "No no, keep going." Suckie Suckie. SQUIRT. "Take my trash out!"
by Grand Master C April 6, 2004
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something that your wife asks you when you're tired at night. about to go to sleep and gotta reset them popeye legs.
"Hey honey, can you take the trash out and the clothes downstairs.

No booboo kitty i can't"
by palpate April 19, 2016
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