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Deviation from steady streamline flow of Urine, in which the piss takes two independent paths, one of which is usually outside the event horizon of the porcelain bowl and often directly incident on trouser leg or shoe.

Includes "Devil's Forking" in which both feet get a hosing and "Devil's Fork Special" a game in which one attempts to secure flow into two urinals simultaneously.
I impressed the lads in the Gents by a spectacular display of Devil's Forking in which I concurrently pissed on the legs of the persons to the left and right of me.
by The Third Place April 26, 2003
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after a human male has recently ejaculated, if he tries to urinate the stream of urine often forks in different directions. this is known as the devil's fork.
aw man, ther is piss all over this seat, somebody must have had the devil's fork.
by Rombueto Sanchoso April 23, 2006
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This is a sexual act whereby a man/woman stimulates a woman by inserting 1 finger in each orifice - anus, vagina and urethra.
I can't believe Jim gave that girl a Devil's Fork. He almost broke his index finger trying to get it in her pee-hole!
by sexauthor August 05, 2010
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