A person who is willing to do ANYTHING to please Satan. Devil Worshippers believe Satan is an actual being. Satan grants people the power to do anything they want. Devil Worshippers respect Satan for that alone. Some Devil Worshipping pass times may include: Praying to Satan,Making animal sacrifices,Human sacrifices,black magic,rape,murder,blood orgys,self-torture,torture agianst others,drugs,sex with the dead,sex with animals etc...
Most Devil Worshippers are male but sometimes (very rarely) a female Devil Worshipper will come along for ride.
person 1: "Why do you worship the Devil?"
Devil Worshipper: "He gives us the power to do what WE want!"
by One-smart-ass-dude September 28, 2005
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A daquiri made with everclear. Originated in Lebanon, Indiana.
Me and Andrew were pourin' up some devil worshippers. Fuck man, we are fucked up!
by x PHoeNiCiaN x April 06, 2006
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There's satanism, and then there's the propaganda about people worshipping the devil. Get it through your heads, there is no such thing as a devil worshipper, never has been. The devil is meant to embody everything that's against normal morality, so who would want to worship him?
I didn't like how the people in the gothic subculture dressed, so i called them a bunch of devil worshippers.
by old dagon himself May 12, 2007
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