Devil Eyes is when a man or a woman (mostly a man) look at their lover in a way that tells them, without words, that they will do naughty things to them, either now or later.

Synonyms: Sexy stare, good feelings, romantic atmosphere
Antonyms: Rape, non-passionate love, demanding
Girl 1: My boyfriend gave me the Devil Eyes when we were on the bed last night.

Girl 2: Well, did you do it?

Girl 1: No, he just massaged me.
by Alice_Nightray13 April 24, 2011
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If you’re having green-brown eyes, you are having devil eyes. People with that eye color are often the most lovely, but they can also very dangerous.
A: Hey, do you see that guy over there, I think he has devil eyes

B: what are devil eyes?

A: people with green-brown eyes have devil eyes because of the evil looking color

B: what?
by potorok May 1, 2021
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Devil's eyes much like ocean eyes are eyes that you can get lost in, but what makes them different is that you get lost in them in a strange and ominous way. You can share I. Them for hours and it will feel like minutes, these eyes can be used for malicious purposes.
Have you seen Kevin's eyes?
Yeah I got lost in them for hours!
Yeah, he has devil's eyes.
by lizapane June 3, 2019
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You're so high with bloodshot red eyes that people tells you, you have the devil eyes.
Whoa there, my eyes are red as the devil eyes!
by Babyboyfivezerofour October 1, 2009
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When one man spreads his cheeks at a bent over position to reveal his bright red anus. Said sphincter or anus looks similar to a devil's eye. This method is typically used to mock or insult another lad or mate. Don't stare too long or you will be consumed by the devil's eye.
Dude TJ bent over and I got trapped staring into his devil's eye. That thing was harry.
by BIGSTINKY6969 January 2, 2018
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When shampoo is directly inserted into the pupil of your eye.

When jizz is shot into the eye of your opponent.
I got the Devils eye drop in the shower today.

I gave my ex-wife the Devils eye drop. That's why she's my ex-wife.
by Donationsplz September 28, 2016
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