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N. usually in reference to a 'fuckboy'

-A penis SO FUCKING ENCHANTED it is capable of putting one under a spell much like the devil himself. A penis so MAGNIFICENT that it will drive you to the point of absurdity just to obtain it. Proceed with caution.
'Hey stranger, wyd'
'I'm out w my girls'
'I can't get you out of my head..I wanna see you'
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by Asking for a friend October 12, 2016
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When the dick so good her eyes roll back and you think you need to call an exorcist. Also known as the Double D
Man I gave Linda the devil dick so good last night hey eyes rolled back and she started drooling, I thought I had to call a preacher.
by Dank devil dick September 12, 2017
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/devel dik/

An exceptionally awesome dick that happens to be attached to a native sexy nicaraguan daddy who knows his dick is so good, it fixes any attitude problems and makes you be faithful when y’all not even together
Your devil dick is gonna be the end of me
by Belongstodragon May 28, 2018
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A widely used and under appreciated term in which lad banter becomes the ruling determinate on a night out. These 'lads' then try to persuade others of the same sex into forgetting about the girlfriends they have and start convoluting the minds of there victims with ignorant and boring phrases like ' what about the post code rule?'
'Hey man, why dont you break the rules just this once and get with that girl?'
'Because I love my girlfriend'
'What about the postcode rule?'
'Your a devil dick'
by DevilDick April 21, 2012
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