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Devesh is an Indian name, meaning ; leader of the leaders.

Devesh is supposed to be an excellent leader, and a man of enigma and charm.

Widely used across India. Devesh is a beautiful name. Okay? Okay.
Ex: Look Devesh, meet me tomorrow at La makaan okay? :)
by PriyaNotsogyan August 18, 2016
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Sanskrit name Devesha (deva 'god' + isa 'king') means King of Gods. Devesh also means King or Prince. Devesh name is the symbol of success and victory. Lord Vishnu is the Lord of all Devas, and the most important among them. So Devesh is 492nd name of Lord Vishnu as listed in the Vishnu Sahasranama. Devesh is also another name of Lord Shiva.
For example if someone's name is devesh .
Devesh is a smart guy and very intelligent too .
by itscoolboy August 06, 2018
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Leader of leaders , praised by deities , common people , adorable people , mankind , creatures of universe and everyone .

One of the most successful person in everything , every work , every assignment and a perfect person with many achievements in his life still a down to earth celebrity like personality .

Devesh knows how to achieve success and maintain it forever . Devesh lives a luxury life and has very good sources of income . Devesh is a rich person and a successful tycoon in every business and work .
Devesh is the best person to lead this work .
by itscoolboy June 14, 2018
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Bruhhhhhh, I just read all the defs for my name and im offended, so im about to drop a diss tracks on all these accounts.
Come at me fam. devesh is the symbol of greatness, we are being the give purpose to peoples's lives, we are the closest to god on the planet pluto so far. So yall who under estimate us can suck it
I need need an example I'm the goat- devesh
by Stay in yo lane October 26, 2018
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The Dev-esh is a wild Indian species who is spoiled and has butler and don’t know how to wash his clothes
Dev-esh makes his butler wild his butt
by Jwidnegekwmwlfdswrg November 30, 2018
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