Driving with one hand on the wheel while slouched over to the right.
He's got the Detroit lean goin' on in the Deuce and a Quarter.
by T Riggs January 26, 2006
Driving with the left hand high on the wheel and the right shoulder dropped low. Mentioned in the Pretender's hit "Brass in Pocket".
"Been drivin'... Detroit leanin'..."
by patchtimer November 6, 2006
Detroit Lean is when you let out a fart while you are sitting down and you lean your body to one side or the other while lifting your leg, ever so slightly, so the the fart can blow away faster, or come out even louder, should you want to impress your boys with your ass gas. Everyone does it, even if few are even aware that they do.
McGivern said his hamburger was hurting his stomach as he gave the Detroit Lean to let one rip on the wooden bench.
by Philbert Dinkeystein August 5, 2008