The act of going through ones phone and reading texts from the night before, in order to figure out what one did.
What did we do last night? I have no idea, let's do some detexting.
by Bighead May 12, 2012
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To remove all fatal temptations to text and drive.
Why don't you text Linda that we're on the way. Can't bro, I'm detexting right now.
by Ms. Dolce September 5, 2012
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The morning after a hard night of partying when one has to go through their text messages and piece together the activities from the night before. Taking the text clues and putting together what happened.
"Dude! I have to do some detextive work, I woke up this morning with a naked picture from a stranger!"

"After some detextive work I realized I slept in a bush for 2 hours and then walked to Rite-Aid alone."
by Furk Busch May 26, 2009
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A current or former partner who makes a regular habit of going through you’re phone, specifically your texts while your sleeping in order to find something incriminating to use against you. They may be inclined to even steal your phone, log in to your online account and use gaslighting as a way to satisfy their need to be in control. This is a toxic behavior, not to be fooled with anything cute or meaningful. It’s a decision derived from a pre existing desire to be a drama queen and cause a fight when they have no actual reason to do so.
I woke up this morning in my man’s arms he so sexy.. until I realized he wasn’t lookin at me. Mother f***** had been on his detextive shit again reading my convos with my momma. He didn’t know I was awake tho, and when he came at me for my mamma “hating him and our love” I asked his detextive ass if he’s sayin that cuz he talked to her? Or because he was readin my shit at 7 a.m like a paranoid lil man child.

I slapped him in the mouf and called mamma.
by Textbomber October 10, 2021
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Someone who has a keen ability to decipher, decrypt or determine the root meaning, motive or intention of a text message regardless if the sender is being vague, sarcastic or deceptive.

Guy: "What are you going to do on your day off today? The usual Fruit Ninja, Trolling on Tik Tok or binge watch Jeffree Star tutorials?"

Girl: "Are you trying to be funny?"

Guy: "Obv 😂"

Girl: "Well it's hard to detect sarcasm over text"

Guy: "Unless you are a Detextive"
by The Nicholas Weston December 27, 2021
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