Tri-fold in its definition, therefore meaning...
1. The name of the Galaxy in WARRIOR wherein the "Terrain of Testament" lies.
2. The Living of one's life in the Way of a Warrior according to a Warrior's 8 Disciplines. Those are as follows: 1)Physical, 2)Beliefs, 3)Moment of Mastery, 4)Attitude, 5)Commitment, 6)Association, 7)Integrity, 8)Wisdom.
3: The creating of a truce between one's Destiny and one's Reality. Promising to stay true to what one is destined to be, yet accepting what is the now... one's reality.
"Dreams are the movies that tell one's story... Some already told... some not yet written."
--Warrior Wisdom

Since John was a WARRIOR, he adhered to the tenets of Destrucity. Although his friends could understand Integrity and Wisdom, when he tried to explain his commitment to Moment of Mastery and Beliefs, they assumed correctly that he had gone insane and promptly got the fuck away from him.
by SKRONK June 22, 2009
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In its design, Destrucity represents a constellation existing in the heavens which symbolizes the "Eight Disciplines" by which Warriors choose to live their lives. Brought to existence by the destinies of those willing to die for their Beliefs, brought to exist as a place where people live by Belief in the evolution of their Higher Selves-constantly evolving toward a completion of their chosen destiny-all with strength in the denial of "System Beliefs"-the very Beliefs that amplify differences in and create rights, wrongs, judgements, and opinions of people, places, and things.
The Ultimate Warrior lost his mind and made up a word called Destrucity.
by Richard Andrews January 22, 2004
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A combination of "seduce" and "destroy". Used when an individual seduces another, only to break his/her heart and leave him/her feeling completely destroyed and heartbroken.
She got him to fall completely in love with her over summer, only to break his heart and tell him she was engaged all along. He was destruced.
by lalalola987654 October 7, 2011
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