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Tri-fold in its definition, therefore meaning...
1. The name of the Galaxy in WARRIOR wherein the "Terrain of Testament" lies.
2. The Living of one's life in the Way of a Warrior according to a Warrior's 8 Disciplines. Those are as follows: 1)Physical, 2)Beliefs, 3)Moment of Mastery, 4)Attitude, 5)Commitment, 6)Association, 7)Integrity, 8)Wisdom.
3: The creating of a truce between one's Destiny and one's Reality. Promising to stay true to what one is destined to be, yet accepting what is the now... one's reality.
"Dreams are the movies that tell one's story... Some already told... some not yet written."
--Warrior Wisdom

Since John was a WARRIOR, he adhered to the tenets of Destrucity. Although his friends could understand Integrity and Wisdom, when he tried to explain his commitment to Moment of Mastery and Beliefs, they assumed correctly that he had gone insane and promptly got the fuck away from him.
by SKRONK June 21, 2009

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1: A great appetizer.
2: A terrible main course.
1: Ashley got John hard quickly with a brief handjob. She then proceeded to take all seven inches of his love pump into her mouth and let him finish on her chest.

It was the best experience of John's life.

2a: Rebecca gave Mark a handjob last night. At first he was wondering what it would lead to, but it just kept going. He tried very hard to enjoy it, but nearly said, "Stop, stop! I'll just do it myself!" at least twice.

2b: Mark: "I think Rebecca may be mad at me."
Eric: "Why d'you say that?"
Mark: "Well, she gave me a handjob last night."
Eric: "Aw, that sucks, dude."
Mark: "Trust me, there was no sucking involved."
by SKRONK June 23, 2009

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A word soon to be very, very profane, as flagged by XBox Live's Profanity Prediction team.
"GRAAAAH! HAM DOCTOR!" Marcus shouted when he stubbed his toe. Mothers around him covered their children's ears; they didn't want their kids to hear this soon-to-be vulgarism.
by Skronk July 22, 2009

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