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The most sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Shes weird, funny & just amazing. She has beautiful eyes & a smile that could light up the whole room. If you have destanie as a girlfriend hold on to her, trust me you wont regret it.
Boy1: Your girlfriend is beautiful.

Boy2: Yeah her name is destanie & Im thankful to have her.
by Sammykinss August 07, 2012
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A Sexy girl sweet, nice. Never see's just one side of an arugement. One of a kind. Usually silly, or acting funny. independent
by blahd3eblahblah March 06, 2009
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Something to be achieved
Destanie: a woman looked up to or wanted by many
a woman who does not give herself away for free
by LilDeeTown2011 March 20, 2009
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A hoe who only wants to start drama for no reason. She also always wants to get into drama that doesn’t even include her. Do NOT be friends with Destanie. She will only cause un-needed drama and fighting. She isn’t even pretty, she is ugly in fact. No one really likes her to be honest. She is a hoe, too. She posts pictures of her ass, although it’s flat as hell. She has internet best friend but when they meet her, I bet they won’t be her friend. Just DO NOT be friends with Destanie!
Persons one: God, it’s that hoe Destanie.
Person two: I know right, I hate her.
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by A girl who hates Destanie February 19, 2018
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