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The act of desping can be defined as the wereabouts of a Despo at the chat room,cafe,or social places, as nowadays the word left internet and starts getting known among urbans.
So we can say Desping are the activities that defines a Despo.
Hey m8ts,this @teahead is desping for hours here.
Yesterday i was desping on yahoo for about 4 hours till they baned me from the chat.
Hey dude, what's this desping all about, dont ya have a real life?
by teahead September 26, 2006
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The art of asking for attention by a despo,
Annoying and sometimes hilarious.
Stop that desping bitch!
I am fed up of u desping around in here.
Whos that one desping so desperate?
I give up desping, i was getting involved wif the wrong ppl
by teahead February 26, 2008
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