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A person or group who urgently want a word or phase to come into common usage, and because of this, overuse it, or use too obviously and inappropriately. AND YES I see the irony in all this.
"By the minty nipples of Marduk !" this McRib sandwich is delicious. And "By the minty nipples of Marduk !" so are these fries.

Why is he talking like that?

He's a desperanto.

Oh, That is sad, I'll buy him a small beverage.
by Cuneus Stern October 12, 2013
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The use of unrelated words from a variety of languages, including English, in the same sentence to attempt to convey meaning while in a non-English speaking country. Often delivered in a panicky attempt to be understood.
Bill: Dude, how will we find the right train?

Alice: Don't worry, I speak Desperanto: Hola, ou est le train pour Barcelona bitte? A quelle hour does it salga por favor?

by Dr C-K April 18, 2009
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Desperanto describes a subset of the words of the Urban Dictionary. A word is Desperanto if it has a highly subjective meaning and a very narrow relevance.
To be truly Desperanto, new words and concepts must be idiosyncratic, of limited use, and suggest a close-but-not-quite relationship with an already existing concept...and propably only funny to people in the know.
"Wapanese is a very Desperanto word."
Desperanto is itself a desperanto word, as it resembles both desperado and the language Esperanto...
by Anders H. Nissen June 30, 2006
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