Someone who was born, raised, or has most of their life in the desert and is proud of where they come from because of the beauty the desert holds. Most associated with people for the Southwest; such as Western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of SoCal.
She moved to Portland, but will always be a desert rat at heart.
by Victoriaa33 September 28, 2017
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Some one who was born or lives in the High Desert of southern California for a long time and has pride of the desert usually a punker a desert rat also usually roams the streets a lot smoke weed and drinks King Cobras
Hey man did you see Joe at the Spitting On Cops show last night?

Ya hes always at those shows what a desert rat
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A term for a woman who grew up in or near a desert town, and they may be REALLY hot, but something is always just a little fucked up about them
A hot chick who seems normal at first glance.... but she has 12 kids and a meth addicted ex husband who is naturally in jail.

Or really hot and nice, but missing a toe.

"Wow, look at her!....Careful, she's a desert rat"
by LACF September 8, 2008
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-Chick who lives in East County of southern California.

-Hella annoying.
-Hella skanky.
A Desert Rat's clothing generally consists of Ugg boots, micro-mini skirts, and a cleavage-baring tank top. Bear claw acrylic nails, fake blonde hair with extensions, inflated boobs, and makeup you need to remove with a pressure washer is a must.
Lord knows why they wear Uggs. One, they're fugly. And two, they live in southern fucking California where the weather is ALMOST always warm.
by ShelBelle October 20, 2009
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A person growing up in Phoenix Arizona. One real mother fucker and employs use of non compliance globalism. Often found digging in dumpsters for shit. A Desert Rat is also street smart but not in a gang sense. Often refers to people from California as fake posers and not real desert children.
man, that guy is so cool! he is a real desert rat! he makes us look like faggots.
by Desertrat February 13, 2015
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A desert rat is somebody usually from the LA area that goes to raves in the desert. These people may begin this lifestyle as normal people, but soon become clones of each other. They do a wide variety of psychedelic and empathogenic drugs, and often profess their love for colors and life on Instagram and other social media. The desert rat takes on the persons of the 1960s hippie, but without the world views and political beliefs that helped build the hippie culture. To simplify, picture the body and persona of a hippie fused with the materialism and fakeness of a 21st century SoCal raver, and you have the desert rat.
The desert rat kept gushing over how far away from society their last event was, yet the whole time everyone was on their phones posting pictures to social media in order to obtain likes.
by Russell Eastbrook August 10, 2014
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anyone who lives/grew up in the desert, and therefore, by association, is/was a hick.
She is a desert rat at heart, but she's adjusted well to city-life.
by David Romano February 27, 2005
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