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Someone who is unique and has a brave heart. She is beautiful and caring to people she loves.
A girl can become deseree.
by Rachel313 December 24, 2016
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Deseree- she's probably the biggest bitch you'll ever meets. She topically always give you attitude with everything you say. She's mad thick. Not only is she the biggest bitch you'll ever meet but she's definitely the prettiest one. Deseree's beauty is like a goddess sent from above. She think she's not pretty so she cover it up with all that make up she wears but turly when she takes all that off she's beautiful. She also can be very sweet and caring when the time is needed. She also everything a friend/ boyfriend would want. Deseree might also say she don't need a man because she is very independent and doesn't want to get hurt like pass people have done to her. She's very sensitive also. But if you have a Deseree don't ever do her wrong or lose her. She definitely is a blessing in disguise.
My girlfriend is so Deseree
by Iloveyousmjustinbieber June 17, 2017
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She's a keeper. She's hot af. She's rlly thick, she has amazing personality but she has mad anger issues.
Have you seen Deseree yet?
Yah she's rlly hot😍
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by Dezzibear April 16, 2017
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Strong,brave,beautiful and has a gold heart and cares about the people she loves also is too nice to everyone
Deseree is a amazing woman
by Hannah lah October 07, 2017
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Deseree is absolutely stunning, when you see her your jaw will drop from how good looking she is. Her personality is an easy A+. She is super funny and has a great sense of humour but a bit twisted at times. She will speak the truth no matter what it is and she will do what she thinks is right. She is extremely thick but doesn’t think she is. She will call herself ugly but she truly isn’t. She can be very self conscious but everyone likes her and is friends with her.
Have you seen Deseree today?
Yes, she look absolutely amazing
She always does
by Weeeeeeeewooooooooo September 27, 2019
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